Fashion Photography


Fashion photography being based on a collaborative workflow, your crew is your secret weapon. It takes time to find people who you can count on to technically make your visions reality, who work with you towards a common goal, and who you like as human beings. Once you have found them you want to keep them with you on every shoot possible, especially if your careers have grown together. It just makes things fun and easy.

Fashion photography, it is a genre of photography that focuses on displaying clothes or other fashion items. Said like that it seems so bleak compared to its magnetic power. What started as a commercial need of brands to illustrate their collections became in the last 50 years a galaxy on its own revolving around a new sun, this season trendiness, and full of stars; stylists, fashion editors, fashion brands, hair stylist, make-up artists and obviously models. You cannot shoot a fashion spread without a crew. It is collaborative work where connections are way more important for a photographer then their lighting skills.


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